Kovach Testimonial

Paul Kovach Testimonial

I can hear sounds that I had not heard for years, like the wink in the palm and the pine trees.  Birds signing and sounds of insects at night.  At my game of horseshoes, it’s easy for me to adjust the hearing aids to a comfortable setting.  To cut out music, laughter, & loud noises […]

Harland Robinson’s Testimonial

With my new hearing aids I am able to hear my wife speaking.  She is no longer mumbling.  I can hear the TV now and don’t need the volume up to 30.  I can actually hear it at 10, and I can understand more of what is going on.  I can hear the birds, and the […]

Elsie Maikowski Testimonial

Date: 7/15/16 “I have purchased three hearing aids over the past years from the hearing center. I just wouldn’t elsewhere. I have found Theresa and her staff to be friendly and professional, always ready to help if there is a problem.

Mark Polzin Testimonial

Written: 3/17/2015 They are very professional, spend sufficient time and listen carefully to the issues. They urge follow-up appointments to be sure the aids work as well as possible.

Frank Rivett Testimonial

Written: 3/26/2015 Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help my husband Frank with his hearing aids. We will always remember how you made sure Frank could hear the Jersey Boys. Giving him the loaners really helped. That alone was over and above, but then cleaning his ears was a big […]

James Sharp Testimonial

Written: 4/3/2015 The staff is excellent at all times. These hearing aids have improved my quality of life very much, particularly in hearing TV and hearing others during casual conversation. Also, I notice people very seldom notice that I am wearing hearing aids!

Virginia Dembroski Testimonial

Written: 4/7/2015 Wow! I can now hear everything people are saying to me! Church and music are more appreciated. I sing high descant in the choir and now I can be sure I hit the right note! I have encouraged my workforce to have their ears checked by you!

Carolyn Bader Testimonial

Written: 5/8/2015 I feel safer because I am hearing from behind. I didn’t realize how poor my hearing was until I got my new hearing aids. The Port Charlotte Hearing Center is the best. They are very very helpful. I was not embarrassed to ask questions.

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