I can hear sounds that I had not heard for years, like the wink in the palm and the pine trees.  Birds signing and sounds of insects at night.  At my game of horseshoes, it’s easy for me to adjust the hearing aids to a comfortable setting.  To cut out music, laughter, & loud noises that would otherwise be very annoying and distracting.  No more back and forth with the t.v. volume when my wife and I are watching t.v.  The hearing aids are great. 

I have spoken to 3 friends and advised them all that from the very first visit Theresa Stevens and her staff were more than top notch.  Friendly, polite, helpful and professional, spending time with me to make sure that I understand everything about my new hearing aids.  Theresa Stevens and her staff care about their clients.  They want to help us in any way they can.  Today I do not feel the hearing aids in my ears.  They are great.  Thank you all for being so caring.  My life is so much better with my hearing aids.