With my new hearing aids I am able to hear my wife speaking.  She is no longer mumbling.  I can hear the TV now and don’t need the volume up to 30.  I can actually hear it at 10, and I can understand more of what is going on.  I can hear the birds, and the sound of the wind.  Everything is louder even the barks of our dogs.

From Harland’s wife Mary:

My husband was seen on November 10, 2016, an on examination of his ears was found to have an old hearing aid tip way down in his canal on the right.  No other facility had ever looked into his ears/  We have given information of the caring, pleasant, and THOROUGHNESS of the staff here at Hearing Centers.  they took their time and made us feel like they had nothing else to do, but to take care of his need/  I have already referred three friends who have hearing problems and will continue to do so.  We give the staff at Hearing Centers of Charlotte County A+++